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Richard Tse
Actor /Singer

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About Me

Richard Tse, born in Indonesia, grew up in Hong Kong, came to Canada when he was 18. He thinks his life can be divided into two part. The first was all set, all logical and predictable. He went to school with excellent grades, graduated from University of Toronto, majoring in Computer Science, and worked as an IT professional in various financial and insurance companies for 15 years. During this time, as much as he enjoyed the stability of life and work, there was something missing. He needed to be challenged. He needed to express himself to the world. He always had a passion in performing arts. So with a drastic change in life, he started the second part of his life. 

Richard started taking acting lessons in Toronto, landed some television commercial gigs, got some acting parts in films and televisions. The acting journey started. In 2001, he participated in the musical ‘Iron Road’, which garnered a Best New Musical Dora award. In 2005, the Summerworks Festival play ‘Pu-Erh’ confirmed his desire to be a serious actor. NOW Magazine described his work as ‘nuanced performance’. In 2007, in the Summerworks Festival play 'Jasmine' (sequel of 'Pu-Erh'), he was part of the 'outstanding ensemble' selected by NOW Magazine. In 2008, Richard collaborated with director Weigo Lee (4-time Hong Kong Drama Awards Best Director) and veteran actor Liu Kai Chi (2-time Hong Kong Film Awards Best Supporting Actor), playing Mitch in 'Tuesdays with Morrie' on stage  in Cantonese. It was a huge success in the Toronto Chinese Community. 

Aside from acting, Richard also enjoys singing. He has been taking singing lessons from various singing coaches, including Ryan Luchuck and Brandon Brophy. He had been the lead vocalist of ‘Dynasty Music Group’, a top-rated band in the Chinese community, not only in Toronto, but also in North America. He had performed with the group in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City, Chicago, Boston, Ottawa and Hamilton.

Career Highlights

'Ga Ting' sold out at Next Stage Theatre Festival

Richard started 2019 with a solid performance in a sold-out play 'Ga Ting' at Next Stage Theatre Festival. He played a conservative father coming to terms with his son's homosexuality. It was one of the most challenging roles he has played.

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Seasoned pilot on 'MayDay'

Richard played a Captain again in TV docu-drama 'MayDay'', in an episode about one of the most talked about missing plane in recent history, Malaysian 17. This was the third time Richard had been a Captain, previously on Singapore Airlines and China Airlines. 'MayDay' is shown in 144 countries in 26 languages.

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'Second Jen' on prime time

Richard got a recurring role in a prime time comedy series 'Second Jen', playing Jen's father, Harold. 

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'Red Snow' in Toronto and Shanghai

Richard received rave reviews in playing an 80-year-old 'Nanking Massacre' survivor in a new play 'Red Snow', which had its World Premiere in Toronto, and then had its International Premiere at the ACT Shanghai International Contemporary Theatre Festival in Shanghai, China. This was especially important and poignant for both the production and the local Chinese audience, for the presentation would commemorate the massacre on the eve of its 75th anniversary.


'Tuesday with Morrie' in Cantonese

Richard collaborated with director Weigo Lee (4-time Hong Kong Drama Awards Best Director) and 30-year veteran actor Liu Kai Chi (2-time Hong Kong Film Awards Best Supporting Actor), playing Mitch in 'Tuesdays with Morrie' on stage in Cantonese. It was a huge success in the Toronto  Chinese Community.

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Performance Reviews

Mooney on Theatre on 'Ga Ting' (January 10, 2019)

"... deliver consistently strong performances especially given the often heavy subject matters... note-perfect as the Chinese parents capturing every quirk mannerism with staggering authenticity..."

NOW Magazine on 'Ga Ting' (January 10, 2019)

"The cast is impressive ... Tse's severity is authentic while leaving room for a few softer moments..."

Eye-Catching Toronto Theatre on 'Red Snow' (Jan 16, 2012)

"... Tse commands the stage. He's one of those actors who seems to put a spell on everyone. He helped me forget that I was in a theatre. He helped forget I was watching a play at times. I could identify with all the actors, but I 'knew' Gung Gung, Tse's character..."

The Charlebois Post - Canada on 'Red Snow' (Jan 16, 2012)

"... Richard Tse played Gung Gung with so much emotion and pain it brought several around me to tears as he recalled the events he witnessed in China..."

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